Wilhelm Reich

The Person

Wilhelm Reich was an uncomfortable comrade – a brilliant thinker, provocative and uncompromising.
As a doctor and acknowledged psychoanalyst he was once a protege´of Freud but with time his opinions on sexuality and politics strongly irritated his colleagues who were worried about their reputation. He was hated and treated as an outcast.

Due to his critical stance and the explosiveness of his opinions he had to flee from five countries. He was at once admired, vilified and persecuted. After his lonely death in an American prison his work was ignored for a long time.

Nevertheless, Wilhelm Reich gave essential impulses for our modern comprehension of sexuality and child education and most of all for our contemporary treatments.

Furthermore his theories in natural science are still mostly unknown – they developed out of his psychiatric work: it was important to him for us to nurture our inner life force and to protect it from mental ossification and destruction by the environment. His holistic approach lead him to the discovery of a new form of energy (orgone) as both a psychic and a physical force. His work encompasses so many disciplines and tackles so many of humanity´s most challenging problems - psychiatry, medicine, cancer research, sociology, education science, biology and physics. Who really was Wilhelm Reich?