William Mastrosimone


Director: Erich Martin Wolf
Stage Design:
Erwin Bail
Hannah Wölfl  

Beate Gramer
Michael Mischinsky
Sebastian Blechinger

The power of the play is the brilliant mix of humor, tension and desire.

Tis play is full of poetry.

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Escaping from her brutal husband, “Sunshine” a peep show star burst into the run-down apartment of paramedic Nelson looking for cover. Being rather annoyed by her sudden presence he tries to get rid of her as quickly as possible. However, as the hours pass the atmosphere changes and Sunshine and Nelson start getting to know each other and realize that both are in desperate relationships. An intimate dialogue begins, at time funny and absurd, as well as moving and caring, the two gain more confidence in each other. The story ends like a fairy tale, Nelson appear at her job with the intention of offering her to part with him and start a new life. She has to decide within seconds and quits her degrading job and runs off for a better future.

Photos © Rolf Bock